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Louvre Windows Sydney & New South Wales

We install louvre windows in Sydney, Kirribilli, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Maitland, Canberra and surrounding areas of New South Wales and ACT. Get in touch with our Sydney team for a quote today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Louvre Windows Sydney

If you’re looking for louvre windows, look no further. We have a unique window blind combination for your home. Louvre blinds are truly unique. They are made of horizontal or vertical glass slats that tilt 180 degrees to open.

These chic designs give homes a modern look and design. One of the chief benefits of these windows is the vast amount of ventilation you can get in your home, including in high condensation areas like bathrooms.

Speak to our team about how you can get an architectural wonder in your home with jalousie windows. Call us on 1 300 326 883.

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The Ecovue Colour Collection

Colour is a powerful design tool. With the right colour, your doors and windows can seamlessly blend into the property, or you can make a powerful statement of contemporary sophistication. 

Here at Ecovue, you’re not limited in your colour options. We have an extensive range of colours and finishes from traditional woodgrains to contemporary greys and subtle whites and creams, along with special made-to-order colours for extra flexibility. 

The Ecovue Colour Collection
Ecovue Colour Collection

Key Features

Find future designs for future homes. With the distinguishing features of louvre windows, you can give your home a unique and distinctive design for modern homes.

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Timber Styles

With our variety of colours and more, you can find louvres in timber styles to give your home a distinctive timber clad look.

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Frosted Glass

Frosted glass can help offer privacy for discrete areas like bathrooms. That way, you have privacy while also improving ventilation and reducing condensation.

tilt and turn windows Price Syndey


You may find that louvre windows are the solution to your ventilation, as they can invite fresh air indoors, reducing mould growth.

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Aesthetic Choice

If you’re looking to recreate mid century modern home designs, you may be interested in the louvre window, which became popular around the 40s.

tilt and turn windows Price Kirribilli

No Curtains

With louvres, you never need to worry about curtains or how to maintain them. If you’re interested in sleek designs, try these.

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Heritage Farmhouse Styles

If you want to renovate or have timber cladding, you’ll love the way louvre windows create stylish designs that adhere to your aesthetic style. Look through our gallery so that you can visualise the parallel lines that louvre windows can create.

You don’t need to worry about difficult maintenance as an easy to clean window style. Instead, you’ll be able to keep your windows clean year round.

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Even More Possibilities

Want to find a way to reduce solar glare in your home? Louvre windows can help. These timber styles mean that you never have to worry about blinds, instead opening the louvres for both sunlight and ventilation.

With aluminium slates over the glass, we can provide different colours or even woodgrain styles that replicate authentic timber looks. Find the possibilities for these windows in your home.

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How To Use Louvre Windows

Louvre windows, also known as jalousie windows, were invented in 1900 and quickly spread throughout temperate regions as a way to mitigate temperatures before air conditioning became more popular.

By installing louvre windows on upper floors, you can help let warm air escape. Louvres are also a good option in light humid showers by maintaining ventilation while also keeping out the rain.

Simply use the crank to gently pull the louvres open or closed. Turn off your air conditioning to enjoy the feeling of natural air. When you close them, they will fit together perfectly.




Louvre Window Prices Sydney & New South Wales

If you’re looking for prices for louvre windows, get in touch with our Sydney team today. We can give you a quote for our work and answer your questions about our installations throughout New South Wales. You can call us on 1 300 326 883.


tilt and turn windows For sale Syndey
tilt and turn windows Installation Newcastle
tilt and turn windows Installation Syndey
tilt and turn windows Price Syndey
tilt and turn windows Price Kirribilli
tilt and turn windows Close to Kirribilli



If you have questions about louvre windows, read more. We can give you more information here, or you can contact our Sydney team directly by ringing us on 1 300 326 883.

Can you have flyscreens on louvre windows?

Yes! In the past, we have found ways to fit bespoke flyscreens to a wide variety of windows. You can speak with our team about fitting flyscreens to your louvre windows.

We can fit louvre windows in faceted, box or bay configurations, as well as in normal styles. We find that these windows work well above head level to let out hot air and retain privacy. We can always offer you vertical slats as well. Find more when you contact our team.

We don’t recommend louvre windows in areas that need to be airtight. Instead, we find that they work best in areas that require a high level of ventilation, like bathrooms, washrooms, kitchens and sand rooms. This is because louvres can provide up to 90% ventilation compared to other styles.

Not only does this help deal with condensation, but it can also help aerate the room to remove strong smells. Speak with us about installing these windows, wherever you are in New South Wales.


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