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Bay Windows Sydney & New South Wales

We install bay windows in Sydney, Kirribilli, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Maitland, Canberra and other areas of New South Wales and ACT. Use our quoting tool to find instant prices for your next window installation, or you can contact our team today if you have more questions.

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Bay Windows Sydney

Bay windows are often a popular installation for homes looking to create unique indoor space while maximising the available light. Whether you’re looking for a reading nook or the perfect spot to put a dining room table, we can help you today.

Bay windows are often seen in Edwardian and Victorian homes around the world. For this unique design, we can install both fixed and functional windows so that you can invite as much or as little airflow as you need.

Additionally, we’re one of the only installers that can add astragal bars to the outside of these windows, for a truly period look. The dramatic curve of the three panelled window nook makes for an attractive façade for every home.

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The Ecovue Colour Collection

Colour is a powerful design tool. With the right colour, your doors and windows can seamlessly blend into the property, or you can make a powerful statement of contemporary sophistication. 

Here at Ecovue, you’re not limited in your colour options. We have an extensive range of colours and finishes from traditional woodgrains to contemporary greys and subtle whites and creams, along with special made-to-order colours for extra flexibility. 

The Ecovue Colour Collection
Ecovue Colour Collection

Key Features

Bay windows strike a decorative balance with contemporary designs. Read through a few of our key reasons to choose bay windows for your home.

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Exterior Astragal Bars

At Ecovue, you'll be able to recreate the period designs you're looking for with authentic astragal bars. Find out about our configurations and styles.

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Money Saver

These bay windows come with U-values as low as 0.9 W/m2K. In either the winter or the summer, the insulation can reduce your energy costs.

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Accredited Frames

Our bay window profiles have been manufactured to stringent British and European guidelines to improve both energy efficiency and security.

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Slim Profile

The slimmer uPVC profile for our bay windows means that you will both get more light, better views, and clean lines to match the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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You’ll never have to worry about draughts or water ingress with the addition of 10mm weatherseals, ensuring the weather stays outdoors.

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Seamless Welding

These bay windows come with an attractive finish and virtually undetectable seam that is a part of our state of the art welding and manufacturing.

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Creating Unique Designs

We recommend bay windows for homes that are looking to create space in unique ways. While many of our clients have used these windows for dining room areas, they are equally effective spaces to put desks for offices and bedrooms.

The point is that you’ll be able to find a variety of colours and wood grain foils to perfectly suit your home. With this style, you can easily mix and match styles like casement, tilt and turn, or double hung windows.

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Ultra Secure Bay Windows

You can get your next bay windows with multi point locking systems, stainless steel friction stays, heavy duty shoot bolts, and more. Multi point locking systems are a great way to deter would be intruders. Plus, these heavy duty shoot bolts offer a greater contact area.

Furthermore, we can offer fire egress hinges which is important for those who live in bush fire prone zones. This could be a deciding factor in order to prepare your home for fire safety.

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Garden Ambiance

Our bay windows provide an almost conservatory like feel by promoting light and providing an easy and spacious area to host potted plants. It’s one of the many reasons that people appreciate the period style.

Additionally, the glass in our bay windows can help reduce the noise in your home. If you live in an area with school children, airports, sports stadiums or pubs, you may wish to install windows that can help muffle the sound.




Bay Window Prices Sydney & New South Wales

Use our quoting engine today! It’ll be able to give you the best prices for our work, and more importantly, it can do so in minutes. Don’t wait to find out. Speak with our team if you need more information.


bay windows Near me Newcastle
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bay windows Near me Syndey
bay windows Price Syndey
bay windows Near me Syndey
bay windows Price Syndey



Our customers often have questions about the work and services that we provide. Read through a few of our more frequently asked questions, but if you are unsure, you can contact our team today.

You can always call our team directly on 1 300 326 883. We look forward to hearing from you.

How much do bay windows cost?

When you use our quoting engine, you’ll be able to find pricing today. Although each project is different, with this quoting tool, you’ll be able to find an immediate estimate for your next bay window installation.

Often bay windows come in 90° or 45° styles. This also depends on the size and shape of your property. When you speak with our team, we’ll be able to advise you about the most advantageous installation.

We only recommend that licenced installers attempt to install bay windows, which require some brickwork. Furthermore, homeowners need to have solid foundations before we begin to build, which we’ll be able to assess when we come to your home.

If you’re interested in similar products, look at our other windows. Don’t forget that we also install BBGs and flyscreens in order to make your home more comfortable throughout the summer months.


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