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We install double glazed windows and doors in New South Wales and the ACT. Servicing areas within Greater Sydney such as the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches and the Upper North Shore, as well as outlying areas within the Blue Mountains and the Southern Highlands.

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Best Products for Competitive Prices

Our installation team can help provide you with superior products in your home. We think there are four main metrics for choosing double glazed windows and doors: security, thermal efficiency, noise reduction and aesthetics.

When you read more about our products, you’ll find that all offer a uniqueness that sets them aside from our competition. Simply speak with our installation team to find out how to get your choice of double glazed windows, doors and more.

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Why Choose Ecovue?

Looking for your next supplier of double glazed windows and doors? Contact our Sydney based installation team for more information.

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Product Range

In addition to our double glazed windows, sliding doors and front doors, you can speak with our installation team about our other products like BBGs and flyscreens. For an extensive range of products for double glazing in Sydney and surrounding areas, you can rely on us.

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Knowledgeable Team

We are more than willing to go the extra mile. With our experience and product knowledge we're able to help you through the process of design and choosing the right product to meet your needs in the most cost-effective way. Our Sydney double glazing team will advise you on your project. We believe in ensuring you know what you're getting when you work with us.

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One Supplier

We use one supplier with multiple manufacturers, which means we can order multiple different products and get them delivered together, so you're not stuck waiting. For double glazing in Sydney, choose Ecovue for the highest quality products, expertly installed.

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Best Thermal Performance

For homeowners in Sydney double glazing needs to perform for you. Achieving U-values as low as 1.4 is as good as it gets for a double glazed unit. This is achieved by using a warm edge spacer between the glass, and using recycled composite material as an option instead of steel for reinforcement of uPVC frames. It's 30% stronger, and doesn't corrode.

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Stunning Designs

We're proud to offer an array of attractive colours for double glazed windows and doors, including time honoured classics like White and Agate Grey.

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Our Process

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 1


We provide a free, no obligation quote for double glazed windows and doors in Sydney and surrounding areas, whether you use our quoting engine or call our installation team directly.

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Step 2


One of our highly trained surveyors will come to your property to take measurements for the frames of your next installation of double glazed windows and doors. We’ll also confirm your colours and the configuration of your next window or door.

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Step 3


We order our double glazed windows and doors from our UK factory to give you the bespoke product for your home. Before being shipped, your window or door will go through three different levels of quality control.

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Step 4


Finally, our installation team will double check your order for quality control. We then book an installation date with you to ensure your convenience.

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Step 5


Once we’ve finished, our chief installer consults with you for final approval on the process and your double glazed windows and doors. We guarantee our workmanship and our products for ten years. Be proud of your double glazing in Sydney with Ecovue.

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Luxury Options

Not only can we offer you double glazing in Sydney and surrounding areas, but if you’re looking for triple glazing, let us know. The benefit of improving the insulation in your home isn’t just about improving the heat. You can also make the air conditioning in your home more efficient.

Now, with additional choices like BBGs or flyscreens you can truly make your home comfortable year round. These additions mean keeping out irritating pests and reducing the solar glare in your home. Speak with our team about choosing double glazed windows and doors with flyscreens or blinds.

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Reducing the Heat

It is possible to keep the temperature in your home between 22° and 24° with double glazed windows and doors. You’ll save money and minimise your energy costs by taking advantage of this energy efficiency. For homeowners in Sydney, double glazing can improve the style and performance of your property. Talk to our team to find out how.

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Leading Fabricators

Compared to our Sydney competitors, we offer leading British fabricators and therefore have a much wider selection of products and styles for you to choose from. Find your next double glazed window or door for competitive pricing and high testing standards.

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Before & After Photos

We’re proud of every installation we complete in and around Sydney. That’s why we’ve put together a stunning photogallery showcasing some of our favourite before-and-after pictures.

From double glazing upgrades for classic windows to specialist shaped window replacements, not forgetting front doors, bifold doors and sliding doors projects, you can see our wide array of completed works.

Visit our image gallery and choose ‘Before & After’ to move the slider across the images and see these properties transform before your eyes! Feel inspired? Get in touch to find out how we can do the same for you and your home.


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Start Your Quote

When you choose your next installation, use our quoting engine. This easy to use tool means you’ll get an estimate in minutes. All you have to do is input a few dimensions for more information about double glazed windows and doors. Try it today!

uPVC Features

uPVC is a leading material in the building market for double glazed windows. Not only is it easy to install, but it’s equally easy to maintain.

Unlike many timber products, which require rigorous maintenance and upkeep, uPVC only needs the occasional cleaning with soap and water.

That’s why we use it for most of our double glazed window and door products. Simply read about why we use uPVC in homes throughout Sydney and New South Wales.

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Security Solutions

Almost all of our double glazed windows and doors are accredited against jemmying, mechanical manipulation, hard impacts and more. This helps to ensure that they are resistant to basic intrusion techniques.

However, we also offer double glazed windows and doors with another level of security accreditation. Most of our products can reach UK police security standards with a few simple upgrades.

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Cool In Summer

Double glazing and triple glazing provide excellent insulation to help your air conditioning remain inside your home. If you’re interested in fire retardant products, read through the pages of our double glazed windows and doors to find out more.

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Energy Efficient

Many of our uPVC profiles have a multi chamber design, which helps provide thermal ‘breaks’. Thermal breaks help to reduce heat conductivity, instead maintaining proper insulation for your home. That means keeping your home warm in the winter or cool in the summer wherever you are in New South Wales, or ACT.

Our Latest Projects

Bay windows with colonial bars Sydney
Bay Windows with Colonial Bars

We installed a bay window double glazed with uPVC colonial bars on the outside. We are the only ones who can do this. You can find more about the traditional timber looks.

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French door with doggy door
French Doors & Doggy Door

This set of lovely French doors is an example of our dual colour options with Dark Grey on the outside and White on the inside.

To each side is an awning window, and this customer was looking specifically for a doggy door, which we were able to fit for them.

View All Projects
Flsuh Sash window sydney
Flush Sash Windows

View our new flush sash window line. Unlike other uPVC windows, they provide sleek and slim designs that create great lines. We provide an exclusive product range, that you can’t find elsewhere in NSW and ACT.

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What Our Clients Say

Michael Gross

Installed windows look great, attenuate external noise extremely well and offer excellent thermal insulation. Comparable product to windows in European houses.
Installation went smoothly. Lewis and team did a great job.

Dev Babu

We had about ten windows installed through them now. Very happy about the product – uPVC Windows – added so much ambience,  weather proofing and noise proofing to the rooms. Also five stars to the Lewis & Co – The Installers team – so friendly, no fuss and got the installation done in time.

David Zhou

I was one of the first customers of the Ecovue double glazed windows and doors. After 11 years of sun/weather, the doors and windows still look like new. Recently went back for wheels (roller) change, Lisa was very helpful patient and friendly. And the [wheels] are of top quality: the door is now moving smoothly like a dream!

Jen Coups

We have had a long journey with Ecovue windows which started late 2019. To say we have a lot of windows in our home (Hills District, Sydney) is an understatement. We have been working towards equipping our 1980’s build home to be more eco-friendly and energy efficient and double glazing is the way to go. The impact has been remarkable. We have reduced our energy consumption by 45%, that includes over the lockdown while we were home, running our ducted AC and with the introduction of a little one to the house. Our house remains a consistent 22 degrees in summer and winter.

Sarina Jennings

The decision to make over our house with new windows was at first a cosmetic one, until I spent some time overseas. After living a few years in England, I realised the benefits of double glazing. It was then that I was completely converted, and knew when I would return that this was something I would want to have in my home. I chose Ecovue because their product looked and felt the most authentic to the quality that is everyday in Europe and UK. I had gone through a few different companies to get an idea of measurements and quotes but in the end the ease of working with Ecovue was a valuable decision, because we had a number of windows, and decisions to make, which required patience and Warren was so helpful with that process. I have not looked back and I am enjoying both the functionality of the windows, and the ‘quiet’ and ‘consistent temperature’ throughout the home. They are so easy to open and shut and I absolutely love them. Thank you to Ecovue who also took care with professional installers and customer care. Best looking windows too!!

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