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We install French doors in Sydney, Kirribilli, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Maitland, Canberra and surrounding areas of New South Wales and ACT. Use our quoting tool to find prices for double doors near you. We’re happy to speak with you today.

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French Doors Sydney

French doors are quite simply a classic design for almost every home. That’s because they set up clean lines with attractive vistas to create a chic entrance to your home. Now you can get some of the most highly tested doors on the market.

Furthermore, these doors are one of our most popular products. We offer a fantastic choice of designs and hues to fit all sorts of contemporary and historic houses. Ecovue’s French doors are available as outer, entrance, or interior doors. They serve as a fantastic means of opening up your house or business.

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French Doors Cost Syndey

The Ecovue Colour Collection

Colour is a powerful design tool. With the right colour, your doors and windows can seamlessly blend into the property, or you can make a powerful statement of contemporary sophistication. 

Here at Ecovue, you’re not limited in your colour options. We have an extensive range of colours and finishes from traditional woodgrains to contemporary greys and subtle whites and creams, along with special made-to-order colours for extra flexibility. 

The Ecovue Colour Collection
Ecovue Colour Collection

Key Features

French doors are often used to add visual appeal to traditional homes. However, they work well in both conventional and modern houses. Double doors have been popular for generations, creating symmetry and visual appeal in homes across Sydney and New South Wales. Read through a few of the features of our French doors for your next installation.

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Low Thresholds

Lowered thresholds are perfect for users with lower mobility. This ensures that the threshold doesn’t create an impediment or tripping hazard.

French Doors with Colonial Bars

Astragal Bars

We're one of the only companies that can provide you with external colonial or astragal bars on your French doors. Speak with our team for more information.

French Doors For sale Katoomba

Double or Triple Glazing

If you’re looking to improve the thermal efficiency of your home, then choosing double or triple glazing is the perfect solution. Choose from between 24 and 44mm.

French Doors For sale Syndey

Range of Sizes

Our largest hinged door panel is 919mm in width and 2210mm in height, so you should be able to find a suitable option for your door opening among them.

French Doors Installation Kirribilli


Ask us about acoustic insulation. These double doors may help improve your current acoustic insulation by reducing noise levels if you live near a high traffic area.

French Doors Installation Syndey

Multi Point Locking

The simple yet attractive style of our double glass French doors, when paired with multi-locking points, assures they will give you incredible style with outstanding security.

French Doors Cost Kirribilli

A Perfect Fit

Our French doors are of the highest quality because we take the time to ensure a perfect fit and an outstanding installation. The chamfered edge design of these double doors works well in conjunction with traditional designs. There are many ways to order French doors that meet energy goals and exceed your expectations.

Each double door is handcrafted individually so that we can meet your precise requirements in terms of size, shape, and finish. Regarding our uPVC double glazed French doors, the design options are practically infinite, and we can produce what you want in the size you require.

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Hardy Colours

We know how harsh the sun can be on paint and finishes. Our uPVC double doors are coated with UV stabilisers, making them weatherproof and ensuring they retain their excellent looks for years to come.

Compared to wooden French doors, they are much simpler to clean and maintain, thanks to the standard high quality hardware. We recommend washing up fluid and a towel to clean your double doors. It’s that easy.

French Doors Price Syndey

Customisable French Doors

We install double glazing as standard, and you should expect nothing less. We even offer triple glazing. In combination with evaporative coolers or other air con, improved insulation means keeping the cool in and the heat out during the summertime.

You can depend on our installation and design professionals team to produce a solution that will suit your home. We want to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want as you customise your home to suit your needs. Contact us now to learn more about our uPVC double glazed French door collection.




French Door Prices Sydney & New South Wales

If you’re looking for instant quotes on your next double door installation, look no further. This quoting tool only requires a few dimensions and colours to provide quality quotes. Alternatively, get in touch with our Sydney office. We’ll be able to walk you through our process from quote to installation.


French Doors Price Syndey
French Doors Cost Syndey
French Doors Cost Kirribilli
French Doors Installation Syndey
French Doors Installation Kirribilli
French Doors For sale Syndey



Have a question about French doors? We offer a few answers here. If you don’t see your query listed, give us a ring at 1 300 326 883.

Where do you install French doors?

Our installation area ranges from the Blue Mountains to the Northern and Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Give us a ring on 1 300 326 883 to find out if you’re in our search area.

Really there is no difference between designs. However, French doors are often pictured with astragal bars, creating that traditional multi paned look.

Lowered thresholds are sloped thresholds which enable wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility to easily get through entrances without tripping. They’re typically shorter than 15mm, for an easy to access threshold.


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