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We install blinds between glass in Sydney, Kirribilli, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Maitland, Canberra and other areas of New South Wales and ACT. Get in touch for a quote on your next BBGs installation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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New Blinds, New Glass

Selecting BBGs for your house can help you create a polished, unbroken aesthetic. All the attractive qualities of Venetian or pleated blinds are preserved in BBGs, but without the trouble or upkeep. However, no matter the season, your house always looks impeccable.

Current window technology has greatly improved in terms of its ability to save energy. While all BBGs are double glazed, many also have gas filled cavities to provide an additional thermal “break” between the panes.

With BBGs, you have the potential to reduce your utility bills by increasing the insulation in your window panes and by using blinds to decrease solar glare within your home. Simply speak to our team about your home in New South Wales.

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Blinds between glass

Key Features

Lower solar glare in your home. Read more for the best reasons to get BBGs for your home in New South Wales or ACT.

BBGs Cost Central Coast

Attractive Designs

You can easily find Venetian and other types of BBGs in a range of colours that match the current designs of your home for a timeless aesthetic choice.

BBGs Installation Syndey

Easy to Clean

Simply wash your windows as you would normally, without worrying about the airtight seal that encapsulates your blinds.

BBGs Cost Central Coast

The Durable Option

The blinds themselves are unbeatable, too. To make the BBGs more usable, magnets have replaced older pulley systems.

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Cutting Glare

When homeowners order BBGs, they're not only getting double glazing as standard. They are also taking steps to reduce solar glare.

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Partial or Full Shading

Their attractive designs only match the utility of blinds between glass. Speak with our team about finding black out blinds to help you sleep even when the sun is bright. These luxurious blinds help give you the ultimate control, and we can provide day and night curtains.

Furthermore, when you speak with our team, we’ll be able to show you the array of coloured binds that we offer.

BBGs Price Central Coast

Magnetic & Automated BBGs

We can offer BBGs with manual opening or automation via remote control. Your remote control comes with an LED display panel with large buttons for easy use. Plus, newer designs utilise magnets to gently change the blinds from one position to the next, helping to dim your room and shutting out the light.

Older systems used pulleys, but now, magnets are much less likely to break. That way, you get optimal performance and the newest designs.

These systems represent the newest and latest way to help passively reduce temperatures in your home. It is possible to enhance the visual appeal of your house without sacrificing energy efficiency.

BBGs Cost Central Coast

Improving Thermal Control with BBGs

Modern houses often have integrated blinds because of their inexpensive upkeep and increased thermal efficiency. Furthermore, the warm edge spacer bar reduces heat transference outside the home to ensure superior insulation for homeowners. As a result, the number of “thermal bridges” is decreased.

A thermal bridge is a potential heat loss route in a building. Getting rid of these thermal links can make your house more airtight and save you money on your energy bills.

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Low Maintenance Blinds

BBGs eliminate the need for frequent dusting and can be especially useful for homes with pets. These clever blinds are installed between the glass panes for a clean, unobtrusive effect. For a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic in the house, magnetic BBGs are a great choice.
Unlike conventional blinds, which must be dusted and maintained regularly, integrated blinds are dust-proof since they are permanently installed.




BBGs Price Sydney & New South Wales

If you’re interested in installing BBGs, contact our team today. Our team can install integrated blinds that help cut costs on cooling. We can provide you with an initial quote for BBGs installations throughout New South Wales.


Flyscreens Installation Wollongong
BBGs Price Syndey
BBGs Price Central Coast
BBGs Cost Central Coast
BBGs Installation Syndey
BBGs Cost Central Coast



You should read through some of our more frequently asked questions if you need more information. These help most of our customers, but if you still have more questions, please contact our team or call us directly on 1 300 326 883.

Do blinds between glass get dirty?

No! Because they’re in a hermetic seal, blinds between glass stay permanently clean, without dust or dirt.

Yes. When you install BBGs, you don’t have to worry about cleaning them, and you get double glazing as standard. You can choose the style of opening mechanism you prefer when you speak with our Sydney team or give us a call on 1 300 326 883.

Yes! We can provide toughened glass for homeowners who want to ensure the security and safety of their BBGs.


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