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Composite Doors Sydney & New South Wales

Ecovue installs composite doors in Sydney, Kirribilli, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Maitland Canberra, and other areas of New South Wales and ACT. Use our quoting engine to find prices for your new door. Get in touch with our team for more information!

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Composite Doors Sydney

Now you can find composite doors from Ecovue! These doors are typically made of multiple materials, like GRP skins and other materials, ensuring a watertight seal around your door.

These doors provide all the benefits of timber doors without any of the hassle. They’re guaranteed to be colourfast, water resistant and long lasting. That’s why you can depend on Ecovue to provide the doors that are perfect for your home.

If you have questions about composite door installation, simply speak with our team about your options for new doors wherever you are in New South Wales.

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Composite Doors Near me Wollongong

Key Features

Get a great new door you can’t find anywhere else. Simply read more about our doors and the benefits they provide.

Composite Doors Cost Kirribilli

Improved Kerb Appeal

Getting a new composite door is the easiest way to improve your home’s kerb appeal, so when you think of renovating, consider Ecovue for your installation.

composite door with colonial bars

Colonial Bars

We are one of the only companies that offer external colonial bars. Speak with us if you're looking for traditional designs to match the rest of your home.

Composite Doors Installation Central Coast


Our composite doors come with hardy gaskets, stainless steel door hinges, and a quality polymer skin. These doors are less likely to warp, reducing draughts in your home.

Composite Doors Near me Syndey

Intrusion Resistant

All of our doors meet security standards and can even reach British police standards with a few hardware upgrades. Get the strongest locks.

Composite Doors Cost Wollongong

Lowered Thresholds

Improve your kerb appeal and lower your threshold. Lowered thresholds make it easier for those with reduced mobility to get into and out of the door.

Composite Doors Cost Syndey

Decorative Glazing

You can add decorative glass with low U-values and attractive finishes to match your home, in new, contemporary, or traditional styles.

Composite Doors Cost Wollongong

Bespoke Doors

Ecovue can offer you the products that others can’t, and with these doors, you’ll be able to get a door tailor made for your home. View our eight standard colours, 38 premium colours and any RAL colours. We provide wood grain foils for a timber look to match your current aesthetics.

Choose between hardware like letterboxes in various colours and get in touch with our team. We install composite doors that come with strong and hardy handles in a variety of different colours. More importantly, they come with security compliance and optionally a police accreditation.

Composite Doors Near me Syndey

Extra Features

We can install composite doors with BBGs so that you can maintain privacy throughout the evening and help reduce the solar glare throughout the day.

Kubu smart hardware is available so that you can keep track of whether or not you’ve locked your door. Smart hardware doesn’t open your door for you, instead ensuring that your data is safely protected.

Moreover, the polyurethane core for these composite doors can reduce outdoor noise pollution by 31dB. So, if you live on a busy street, high traffic area, or next to a school or stadium, these doors may be the solution you’re looking for.

Composite Doors Near me Wollongong

Decorative Glazing for Composite Doors

Whether you’re looking for an entrance door or not, you can create beautiful glass designs to suit contemporary or newer homes. Composite doors are often used as external doors, and now with glazing options, you can add unique decorative elements to your door design. Simply speak with our team about the way to incorporate double, triple glazing or decorative glass.

The TriSYS 3-Part glazing system means that should your glazing ever crack, you can simply take the cover off, remove the glass, and reinstall it. This easy glazing solution is perfect for homeowners with pets and children.




Composite Door Prices Sydney & New South Wales

Use our quoting engine to get a quick quote on your next door installation. If you have more questions, you’re welcome to speak with our team today about your next composite door installation options.


Composite Doors Price near me
Composite Doors Cost Syndey
Composite Doors Cost Wollongong
Composite Doors Near me Syndey
Composite Doors Installation Central Coast
Composite Doors Cost Kirribilli



Do you have questions? We have answers. Read through a few of our most frequently asked questions, or contact our Sydney team for more information about your next composite door installation.

Are composite doors better than uPVC?

Composite and uPVC are comparable in many ways. However, one of the ways that composite doors usually compete with uPVC is that it has a thermal core. This helps deter draughts and keeps your home insulated year round.

No. We don’t recommend repainting your composite door because the GRP skin is not meant to be painted, and the paint may crack. Furthermore, if you’re not careful, painting could void the warranty on your door. Simply ring our team on 1 300 326 883 to learn more about installing a new composite door.

If you’re looking for similar products, view our front doors or other uPVC doors. We also install aluminium patio doors for homes. Get in touch with our team.


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