Understanding the Benefits of Double Glazing

4 July 2022

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Since the 1970s and 1980s, homes across the globe have been benefiting from a whole host of improvements that come with installing double glazing in their homes. These range from improved thermal efficiency to dramatically improved security. Unfortunately, double glazing has not become the standard that it needs to be in Australia yet. For whatever reason, our adoption of double glazing has been much slower than that of the UK, Europe and the USA. To help turn the tide and get the country over the double glazing hurdle that currently faces us, here at Ecovue, we wanted to take some time today to outline the specific benefits that come with double glazing and the many improvements that it can make to your home.

Thermal Insulation

The primary and single most important factor in today's world is the thermal insulation that double glazing provides for modern homes. The gap between the two panes of glass acts as an additional layer of protection from the air on the outside, keeping the temperature indoors separate from the outdoors. In doing this, your home can remain at a comfortable 22-24 degrees all year round with minimal heating and cooling costs! The fastest way to change the temperature in a double glazed home is to open up the windows and doors. Also known as Insulated Glass Units (IGUs), double glazing is designed for thermal efficiency. You can be certain of a much more insulated and comfortable home, but you can also be secure in the knowledge that your energy bills will remain low throughout the year. In addition, your home's carbon footprint will be dramatically reduced, ensuring that you are doing your bit for the environment in the long term by installing double glazing. 


After thermal insulation, double glazing's second primary objective is to improve the home's overall security. By having two panes of glass for every window and door, each unit essentially becomes a reinforced barrier to the outside and dramatically reduces the vulnerability of windows and doors as entry points. It is incredibly difficult to smash through double glazing because of the two panes of glass. With modern double glazing installations, your windows and doors will be fitted with the most up to date security measures. You can rest easy knowing that your home is safe once you have installed double glazing. Furthermore, by just having the double glazing installed across your home, potential intruders will be turned away from committing a crime on your property because of how much more difficult it is when they come across double glazed glass. The significantly higher amount of effort that needs to be put in by a potential invader to get past double glazing will often cause them to think that it's simply not worth the trouble.

Noise Reduction

The thicker barrier to the outside world provided by double glazing also insulates your home from noise. You can expect a dramatic reduction in noise pollution from outside when you are in your home. Similarly, you can be as loud as you choose when you're in your home without worrying that you may disturb your neighbours! With single pane windows, your noise insulation is remarkably low. It is very easy for you to hear everything that is going on outside. Similarly, it is very easy for your neighbours to hear what is going on inside! With double glazing, you'll never have to worry about being disturbed from your sleep by a car blasting past your house, and neither will you have to be concerned about playing loud music and disturbing your neighbours.

Increasing Value

Last but certainly not least is the value that gets added to the home from installing double glazed glass. With double glazing, you are bringing your home into the 21st century with the most up to date thermal insulation, noise reduction and security. Your home will outperform single glazed homes and look more up to date and modern. With this modernisation comes the natural added value to your home. As many homes in Australia have not yet adopted double glazing, you can get ahead of the curve by installing double glazing and putting your home in a great position on the market. 

Here at Ecovue, we sell and install double glazing across Sydney and areas in New South Wales. Why not get a free no-obligation quote from us today by filling out our contact form! Just describe your project with as accurate measurements as you can get, and one of our wonderful team members will get back to you with your quote. You can also call us on 1300 326 883 or email us at sales@ecovue.com.au.

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