Understanding Integrated Blinds

5 June 2024

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At Ecovue, we offer our range of integrated blinds to homeowners in Sydney and other areas of New South Wales. These blinds can help you control how much light enters your home. You might be wondering what they are and how they can benefit your home in Australia. To learn more, read on. 

What Are Integrated Blinds? 

Integrated blinds are fitted onto uPVC windows, adding style and modernity to your home. Integrated blinds could also help you save money on your energy bills because combined with the heat retention, you can feel assured that your home can stay warm and comfortable. 

What’s more, our integrated blinds blend with any interior, giving you a versatile design. There are many integrated blinds that you can customise to fit your bespoke specifications. 

How Do Integrated Blinds Work 

You might be wondering how integral blinds work. The products work by being integrated into the glazing, helping bring more natural light to your home.

Integrated blinds can be controlled manually through sliding controls for a vertical or tilt operation.

What Are the Benefits of Integrated Blinds? 

You can feel assured that there are many benefits to integrated blinds. They are fitted inside the windows, so they don't gather pollen and dust. Perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies.

Our integrated blinds are also quiet thanks to the tight fixing in the window unit. As a result, you will get a design that could help enhance your home’s tranquillity. What’s more, our integrated blinds have effective temperature control as they can block out sunlight, giving you extra shade with the turn of a switch.

Get Integrated Blinds For Your Home Today 

When you are ready to enhance your home with integrated blinds, get in touch with Ecovue today. Give us a ring on 1 300 326 883 or fill in our online contact form. Our friendly team will get back to you to discuss your product further. 


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