The Perfect Combo: Double Glazing and Blinds Between Glass

25 July 2022

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Insulation is going to be a big part of our lives in the near future. Many would argue that it already has become so. The continual rising of our energy costs across the globe due to various current events has made it so important that we start to take steps to insulate our homes. Here in Australia, we have been spoiled by relatively low energy costs when compared with the rest of the world, which has made the jump to better-insulated homes much slower than our friends in the USA, UK and Europe. However, now is the time to make the jump for all of us, and our government thinks so too.

The Australian government recently implemented a minimum energy rating of 6 for all homes across the country. Without this minimum energy rating, you won’t be able to do any significant work on your home, such as an extension, before improving the efficiency of the main house. Likely due to a variety of reasons, it is thought in the home improvement industry that the government is trying to lessen the reliance on fossil fuels in homes in an effort to create a greener country and to dampen the increase in energy costs for the average home that is likely on the way and likely on the way soon.

Market Leading Insulation from Ecovue

We at Ecovue offer a market-leading combination of products that provide your home with exceptional thermal insulation. Giving homes better insulation is one of our leading business goals as it not only helps our customers save money in the long run but also helps protect the planet from excessive use of fossil fuels.

Double Glazing

The first element of the combo is our excellent double glazing. Able to curb your energy loss by up to 80%, the insulation provided by the two panes of glass and the insulating argon gas that sits between them is the next step for energy-efficient homes in New South Wales. Double glazing has a proven track record in the USA, UK and Europe as a leading insulation installation. So much so that it has become standard in those parts of the world and has been so for some time now. With the raising of the minimum energy rating for our homes, the government is clearly trying to take the same steps. Installing double glazing alone is the easiest way to get your home up and above the minimum energy rating and is the way that will, in the long run, prove to be the best investment. 


The second part of the combination is our blinds between glass (BBG). BBG provides the home with a shading solution that sits between the panes of glass in their double glazing along with the insulating gas. BBG helps reflect the light coming in from the Australian sun, keeping excessive heat out during the summer and lowering your cooling needs. Furthermore, the blinds provide a further layer of insulation from heat leaving home during the winter. When put in combination with our double glazing, you’ll be providing your home with an exceptional level of thermal comfort that lasts year-round and lowers your energy costs whilst also protecting the planet. 

BBG also provides a host of aesthetic benefits as well as practical ones. Because the blinds rest between the two panes of glass, you’ll never have to worry about dust build-up or needing to clean them. They’re completely protected by the seal that keeps the argon gas in between the glass, providing you with a maintenance-free shading solution that keeps the light out and excessive heat out.

If you’re interested in our double glazing or BBG, feel free to use our online pricing tool today! With it, you can get a quick quote for your new insulation products right from the comfort of your home. If you have any specific questions for us here at Ecovue, you can pose them to us through our online contact form or give us a call on 1 300 326 883!


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