The Many Ways in Which Aluminium Doors Improve the Home

1 July 2022

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Aluminium is quickly becoming the choice material for people in Sydney and wider New South Wales for the doors in their homes. As older timber doors start to degrade and need replacements, aluminium provides a stronger and more secure option for Australian homeowners. Aluminium provides a whole host of benefits to the home, including thermal insulation, increased security and the potential for much more natural light to enter the home. Here at Ecovue, we install aluminium doors across Sydney and parts of New South Wales in a variety of forms. Whether you're looking for a brand new front door that makes an excellent first impression on visits from friends and family, or you're looking for a brand new stacker door installation for the back of your house to really connect the interior and exterior, we have the perfect installation for you. No matter what kind of door you're after, you're sure to benefit from the host of improvements that an aluminium door brings to the home. But what are those benefits exactly?


Firstly, aluminium is an incredibly tough material. As such, it dramatically increases the security of your home. It is much more difficult to break through an aluminium door than a timber one, to the point when most potential intruders will be put off just by the sight of one! Aluminium is one of the strongest materials on the market and is used for the building of skyscrapers and many tall buildings. Its unmatched toughness combined with its exceptionally lightweight has made it a go-to for construction for the last 100 years or so. However, it is only recently that aluminium has come into mainstream use for doors. With an investment in an aluminium door, you can expect a tough barrier between you and the outside world, protecting you and your family from potential invaders.

Furthermore, with aluminium's vastly superior durability, you can expect your installation to last for decades to come. Aluminium has a natural resistance to corrosion in all weather conditions. So no matter where you live and whatever the weather is, you can expect your aluminium door to weather the storm for a long time. Aluminium doors have been known to last up to 45 years and sometimes even beyond before needing any major maintenance or refurbishment. An aluminium door is not only a secure investment but a long term investment too.

Along with its toughness comes aluminium's exceptionally lightweight. This has helped aluminium's case as a primary construction material for tall buildings because it reduces the load on load-bearing structures. In the home, on the other hand, the light weight of aluminium makes it easy to install and perfect for installations such as sliding stacker doors or bifold doors. You'll be able to easily move your new installation around without worrying about it being too heavy whilst also being secure in the knowledge that your home is reinforced with incredibly strong material.


Aluminium is also an exceptionally sustainable material as building materials go. 75% of all aluminium that has ever been produced is still in circulation today. This is because, unlike steel, an alloy, aluminium is a pure metal, so once it has reached the end of its use in one installation, it can be melted down and repurposed into something new. Processing recycled aluminium only requires 5% of the energy needed to produce new aluminium. Therefore, you can be assured that an aluminium door in your home is a sustainable option and a secure one. 

Modern Thermal Efficiency

It used to be that aluminium was considered to be the worst of the thermal insulating materials after timber and uPVC. This is because aluminium is a good conductor of heat, meaning that heat passes through it easily. In the past, this certainly was the case. Aluminium was absolutely a poor thermal insulator. However, with modern innovations, thermal break technology has alleviated the problems that have previously plagued those with aluminium installations. A thermal break acts as a barrier between aluminium elements in an installation such as an aluminium door. With aluminium elements separated, heat passing through the door is much harder. We can safely say now that aluminium doors are just as thermally insulating as uPVC or timber doors. 

Those are just some of the ways that aluminium doors can improve your home! You can expect a more secure, better insulated, and more sustainable home with aluminium doors. If you're feeling inspired, why not get a free no-obligation quote from us at Ecovue! Just fill out the contact form with as much detail about your project as possible, and one of our wonderful team members will get back to you with your quote. 

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