The Most Energy Efficient Windows

17 July 2023

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There are so many options or replacement windows on the market at the moment, uPVC, aluminium and timber all claiming to be the best option, understandably it can all get a bit confusing. So what are the most energy efficient windows for you, we believe it is uPVC for reasons we will explain, though we are not saying to discount timber or aluminium frames, it is important to remember the following points:

Aluminium frames

These are great, because they like uPVC windows they are strong and durable, but unfortunately they are known to be not as effective in providing insulation. They can result in heat loss or gain, impacting energy efficiency.

Wooden frames

Great to look at, but they require a lot of maintenance and even then in the Australian weather they will suffer from rotting, flaking and warping all resulting in heat loss, damp and draughts.

uPVC frames

Renowned for their thermal efficiency, our windows give U-values as low as 1.4 W/m2K and can help you achieve above a 7 Star energy rating. The result being that you spend less money on your energy bills, so how do they achieve this:

The conductivity of uPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is low. In windows, uPVC frames double or triple glazing is straightforward to install. This is what allows them to be so energy-efficient. This material is heat resistant and does not transfer heat from the interior to the outside or vice versa. uPVC is a widely utilized window frame material in both residential and commercial structures around the world.

Thermal Characteristics

Did you know that around 70% of heat or cold is lost or gained through glass panes, with much more lost through steel frames? As a result, during the summer, a single-glazed non-uPVC window accounts for around 25% of heat gain in your home. As a result, double glazing your windows within a uPVC frame can improve your home's thermal comfort by roughly 94 percent.

Winter Seal

Up to 40% of heat or cold, depending on the season, can be escaping your home through badly insulated windows. Would you buy an appliance if you were told it could only operate at 60% capacity? And yet if your windows and doors have an inadequate u value score, you could be undermining your efforts to cool/ heat your home. U-value measures how well a product prevents heat from escaping. The lower the U-value, the greater a window's resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value.

So if you are looking for an energy efficient window, it seems that uPVC is the way to go. Get in touch today to discuss your uPVC window requirements. We have a wide range including, casement, bay, tilt & turn and French casement windows.


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