How To Save Money When Installing Aluminium Windows

1 September 2018

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Window replacements aren’t cheap.

Quality window installation in Australia can cost up to $1,250 per square metre, the decision to install new windows entails a hefty upfront investment.

That’s particularly true for more expensive materials. Aluminium is a prime example. This metal makes the ideal window solution. It’s durable, lightweight, requires minimal upkeep, and offers amazing soundproofing, but also carries a hefty price tag.

Aluminium windows definitely aren’t the cheapest, but there are always ways to save. Your new windows don’t have to be as dear as you might first think.

Are you considering having aluminium windows installed? Put off by the cost? Keep reading for 7 essential tips for keeping the costs down.

1. Avoid Custom Windows

The biggest advantage of using aluminium is that it’s versatile. Whether you’re looking for tilt and turnawning windows or any other type, aluminium can be made to almost any specification. That’s great news for homeowners looking for a sleek, personalised look on their property.

However, custom windows inevitably cost more. The budget version is to seek off-the-shelf style aluminium frames that will be a suitable fit. Large, complex, and oddly-shaped window spaces will inevitably be more expensive.

After all, mass-produced products are always going to be cheaper than bespoke alternatives. Avoid complexity and opt for generic shapes and styles to keep the price down.

2. Think Twice About Energy-Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the buzzword of today. For good reason, too!

We all need to do our bit for the environment. Wherever energy savings are an option, it’s good practice to act accordingly.

These days, most products receive an energy-efficiency rating. Unfortunately, greater efficiency tends to mean higher prices. Consequently, you can avoid excessive expense on your new windows by seeking lower-quality, less-efficient options.

It’s worth keeping the long term in mind though. Windows are by no means the greatest source of energy loss in the house, but they undeniably contribute to it! Thus, better energy efficiency means lower energy bills.

In the long run, that extra expense on your aluminium frames may lead to utility savings.

3. Search for Odd-Lots

Perfectionists, look away! This tip is for anyone who can handle the occasional flaw here and there.

Showrooms and workshops around the world almost always have some back-room knockoffs. After all, anything that gets damaged can no longer be sold as new. They take it off the shelf but may keep it in the back.

There are almost always opportunities to buy these odd-lots at discounted prices.

Do your due diligence. If you’re determined to find aluminium windows on the cheap, ask around to see what’s available. Call up stores, showrooms, and workshops. Ask if they have any older, slightly damaged, or discontinued frames for you to buy.

Everyone wins. They get some money for otherwise useless stock and clear space in the process. You can find vastly discounted windows.

4. Use Fixed Windows

This is a general rule for window installments: the more complex the design, the more expensive the cost.

For that reason, it’s often better (from a financial perspective) to purchase fixed windows. The alternative is what’s known as operable windows. Basically, they’re the ones you can open!

Of course, operable windows are vital for letting in some fresh air. A household comprised solely of fixed windows means zero ventilation, and that’s obviously not ideal.

However, prioritising fixed designs will definitely save you money.

5. Think Longer Term

Okay, technically, this isn’t a tip that’ll save you money, but it’s a point worth making nonetheless.

See your windows as an investment. They add value to your home. That’s especially true of higher-quality windows, such as those made from aluminium.

Indeed, new windows have been found to return an impressive 80% of their initial cost at resale.

Of course, the manufacturing and installation costs may not be cheap. However, if all goes well, you’re likely to regain up to 80% of the expenditure when you come to sell the house anyway.

In the meantime, you get to enjoy top-quality window frames!

6. Seek Multiple Quotes

The easiest way to save money on any window installation is by getting multiple quotes.

Never accept the first offer from a tradesman or window company.

You never know; there may be equivalent services operating at a much lower price point. Be sure to call around before signing any contracts. Speak with multiple providers, play one off against another, and do what you can to find the lowest price possible.

7. Install in the Off-Season

Finally, think about installing your windows out of peak season.

If you can wait, then your bank balance can benefit.

It’s tempting to rush into new windows. For instance, old-style single glazing (versus modern UPVC double-glazing) can make a house freezing cold in winter and like a sauna in summer. The insulating properties are almost non-existent. The energy required to cater for the issue shoots up, and the bills increase accordingly.

However, peak season (aka when almost everyone wants their windows replaced) is when the prices are highest. Waiting until the rush is over can be intensely helpful financially.

Builders, tradesmen, and window companies will all be struggling to find work, and their prices take a nosedive as a result. They may cut their labour costs or have last season’s windows available for sale at a lower price.

Final Thoughts on Aluminium Windows

There you have it: 7 Essential Ways To Save Money When Installing Aluminium Windows.

Windows made from aluminium don’t come cheap. Alas, the cost of window replacements is generally high at the best of time, and using more expensive materials adds to the financial burden.

Thankfully, as we’ve seen, there are numerous ways to cut costs. Taking the right approach can earn your home the highest quality windows at a relative steal.

Hopefully, this post has highlighted the best way to go about this process. Use these tips and you’ll be on your way to inexpensive aluminium windows in no time.

Are you interested in upgrading your windows? Contact us today to see how our expert service can help.


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