Step-by-Step Guide: How to Install a Cat Flap in Double Glazing?

20 June 2022

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With our lovely double glazing becoming a mainstay of our contemporary houses, it's crucial that we make it as inclusive as possible for every member of our family, including our four-legged companions. We have seen a progressive increase in the number of customers installing cat flaps and dog doors on their double-glazed rear door entries over the last several years. It's a terrific method to avoid the difficulties that might arise when drilling tiny cat-shaped holes in walls. So how can you incorporate a cat flap into a double-glazed door the best? Does having one reduce the thermal efficiency of your home?

What steps must I take?

In response to the first query, carry it out expertly. For double glazed doors, all glass produced in Australia is "tempered," or hardened. It cannot be cut without shattering the whole window, which is impossible. For security reasons, glass is tempered to make it difficult for intruders to break through. Additionally, it implies that if you attempt to cut it yourself, you will do far more harm than good. Don't even attempt, since the glass has been made to prevent you from being able to accomplish that. So what do you do instead?

  • Schedule a meeting with your prefered double glazing business. If you don't have a favourite, we can compare prices right here!
  • Be sure to let them know that your new double glazing glass will include a cat flap.
  • They'll come over and take measurements for the whole glass as well as the size of the cat flap.
  • They will then depart and proceed to cut your new glass, toughening it along the way to prevent further cutting.
  • They'll create it into a brand-new double glazing unit and then deliver it for installation.
  • If you requested that they provide the cat flap, they will install it before they arrive; if not, you may place your own into the hold once they have set up the appliance.

There you have it, then! Double glazing can fit through your brand-new cat flap.

Will a cat flap reduce the heat efficiency of my house?

The thermal insulation of your property shouldn't be noticeably impacted by your cat flap, in response to the second query. Modern cat flaps have black seals around the entrance that help keep the air out after your cat has passed through and it has closed behind them, yet it is undoubtedly a place where heat has the potential to seep out from. Modern cat flap designers are well aware of the thermal efficiency requirements that must be met by modern houses, and they have no desire to contribute to your home's unnecessary thermal energy waste.

Which cat flap in double glazing ought I purchase?

There are several different cat flaps available on the market right now. We advise purchasing one with a chip sensor. Otherwise, stray cats and cats from your neighbours could break into your house. Your cat will be used to calibrate the chip sensor so that the flap only allows them to enter and not any other animals. These days, cat flaps are often available with four-way locking mechanisms that let you select between exit only, entry only, open, and locked. Depending on the demands of your particular cat and your routine at home, you will have the choice to leave the cat flap open for it to enter and not let it out again. Additionally, be careful to confirm that the hole's size and the cat flap's size are the same. Otherwise, you'll have to start the procedure from scratch!

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