Giving your Home a 7 Star Energy Rating with Double Glazing

16 July 2022

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Energy costs around the world are changing and not for the better. Since the pandemic, we have seen a dramatic increase in the costs of the power we use to heat and cool our homes. Along with other events happening globally, Australian energy, which has been famous worldwide for being exceptionally affordable, is now also seeing a rise in line with the rest of the world. 

As a result, the Australian government has brought in several changes to ensure that homeowners are encouraged to do everything they can to reduce the prices of their bills. Furthermore, in doing so, homeowners will also decrease their carbon footprint, aiding in the effort towards circumventing the problems with climate change that we are already facing. 

All new Australian homes must now achieve a 6-star energy rating as an absolute minimum if they are to be approved for building. The same constraint is being put on homes that wish to do extensive renovations on their already existing property.

Here at Ecovue, we can help you to achieve a 7-star energy rating with relative ease! For years we have been providing customers across Sydney, and New South Wales with double glazing that increases thermal efficiency reduces noise and raises security. Our double glazing is both affordable and practical. With our double glazing, your home can achieve a 7-star rating without adding any thermal components! Making it the simplest way to raise the standard of your home. Here’s how it does it

Two Panels are Better than One

Glass is a pretty good insulator on its own. As a relatively dense material, it has served us well in the past in keeping our homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, current energy prices have made it difficult for a single pane of glass to be a viable option anymore. Whilst the glass insulates well, it no longer does it well enough to match the energy cost.

On the other hand, two panes of glass do the trick just fine! With two panes of glass, one is in contact with the temperature inside, and the other is in contact with the temperature outside. The separation of the two panes keeps temperatures stable on the interior of the building for longer and on much less energy.

The Difference is Between the Panes

Between the two panes of glass sits a vacuum space that is completely filled with inert insulating gas. We use argon in our double glazing because it performs exceptionally well whilst also being an affordable option for modern homeowners. The inert gas is incredibly dense and does the job of providing a third layer (including the two panes of glass) of insulation. 

Argon does not conduct heat well at all. As thermal energy comes into contact with it, it takes a long time for the energy to pass through, keeping the thermal energy on the side from which it is coming from. That means during the winter, the warmth in your home stays for much longer, allowing you to spend much less on your heating as the heating you use is being applied with greater effect. Similarly, when it is roasting hot outside during the summer, and you need to keep the interior cool, the insulating argon gas will slow down the transmission of heat through the window. Once again, allowing you to use much less energy on keeping the rooms cool!

Improve your Home’s Energy Rating with Ecovue

Here at Ecovue, we provide an affordable method for upgrading your home’s energy rating, allowing you to bring your house into the 21st century and handle the quickly rising energy costs. By making the jump, you’ll be able to do more substantial work on your home in the future! 

Double glazing is the best option for energy-efficient homes because of its simplicity. If you were to keep single glazing, you would have to incorporate many external factors and multiple investments that would end up costing you much more just to match up to double glazing. Furthermore, our double glazing has longevity in mind. Once fitted, our installations will last for at least ten years, and with mild, regular maintenance, even longer than that. uPVC is an incredibly durable and weather-resistant material that we have been using for 11 years that we have been in business! 

If you’re interested in double glazing from Ecovue, then you can use our free online pricing tool to get a quick quote today! From the comfort of your sofa, you can start incorporating this wonderful product into your house and bumping up your current energy rating! Should you have any specific questions for us here, you can also contact us through our online form or call us on 1300 326 883!


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