Double-Glazing A Commercial Property

7 September 2018

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As the largest city in Australia, Sydney’s bustling population operates a thriving commercial landscape. In fact, the number of businesses in Greater Sydney has grown to half a million!

The growing economy has resulted in a higher demand for quality commercial buildings. For owners of these buildings, it’s becoming harder to maintain. Whether you run your own business or lease to another business, energy costs are rising, local rates climbing, and building standards tightening.

So, what are your options? Is it time to pack up and sell? Don’t hit the panic button just yet. Owners can adapt and update their properties to create a more efficient property and make everyone inside happier.

At Ecovue, we are passionate about the effectiveness of double-glazing. Double-glazing is growing in popularity in homes across Sydney, with homeowners looking for new ways to cut their power bills now that Australia has the highest energy costs in the world. But why should that cost-cutting tactic be restricted to homeowners? Paying power bills is not exclusive to homes. All properties, regardless of their use, incur fees for power if connected.

The savvy commercial building owner should be jumping on anyway to get ahead and maximise their investment.

Double-glazing a building can have even more significant benefits than when installed on a home.

Large, single-pane windows on your premises are great for letting light in, but they are awful at keeping cool air in the building in summer and hot in the winter.

The argon gas-filled gap between the two panes allows for incredible climate control. Reaching your desired temperature is easier, and air-conditioning and heating required are hugely reduced.

Suddenly, energy loss is 80% less. Over time, this adds up in terms of cost savings. Suddenly, the initial outlay of installing double-glazing seems minor when considering the constantly comfortable environment and massive savings. When eventually the time comes time to move on, buildings with double-glazing installed will fetch a higher price when sold.

With a population of over 5 million people, and 500,000 businesses, the noise created in and around Sydney can be deafening. Trying to work in distractingly loud environments is near impossible. Most external noise enters a structure through its windows, and double-glazing can eliminate noise by 80%. Sound from passing traffic, people, construction etc. dissipates due to the gap between the two window panes. Increase employee productivity or satisfy tenants with a calmer workspace.


- Climate Control

- Energy Costs

- Property Value

- Noise Reduction

- Security

The advantages of commercial double-glazing are clear. Immediate comfort and ongoing financial savings.

Contact Ecovue today to find out how we can help add value to your commercial property.


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