Does Double Glazing Create Noise Reduction Windows?

7 September 2018

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Here at Ecovue, we're passionate about double-glazed windows. Aside from the fact they make our homes more energy efficient, they're also effective at reducing noise.

Double glazing creates noise reduction windows that can make your home a quieter, more relaxing space. But the exact amount of noise double-glazed windows can block depends on a few things.

Here’s what you need to know.

Do Double-Glazed Windows Reduce Outside Noise?

The short answer is this: yes.

Sound travels in the form of a pressure wave. When this wave hits a single-glazed window, it vibrates the pane of glass, which then vibrates the air on the other side of the window. This vibration then carries the sound to your ears.

But double-glazed windows provide more sound insulation.

Instead of having one pane of glass, double-glazed windows have two. These two panes of glass are separated by a space filled with air or inert gas.

When a sound wave hits a double-glazed window, it must pass through multiple chambers before getting inside. This makes the noise much quieter when it finally reaches your ears.

How Much Sound Does It Block?

The exact amount of sound your double-glazed windows can block depends on the type of window you get. Whether you have casement windows or awning windows doesn't matter; the gap between the panes is the important thing.

For example, a standard double-glazed window has two 3mm panes separated by a 6mm gap. But if you widen that gap, you can reduce outside noise even more.

Here’s a quick look at sound reduction and gap size:

- 4mm panes with a 12mm gap: 19% voice noise reduction

- 10mm pane and 6mm pane with a 12mm gap: 34% voice noise reduction

- 6mm pane and 4mm pane with a 100mm gap: 57% traffic noise reduction

The type of glass also changes the percentage of noise reduction. Laminated glass blocks more noise than traditional window glass.

If you live by a loud street, you may want to combine laminated glass with thicker panes and a wider gap for the best results.

Understanding the Difference Between Soundproof vs Noise Reduction

It’s important to remember that double-glazed windows aren’t soundproof. While they can reduce the amount of sound that makes it into your home, they won’t block everything.

You’ll still be able to hear some loud noises from outside. However, these sounds will be significantly quieter than they would normally be with single-glazed windows.

So be wary of companies promising 100% soundproof windows. There’s a good chance they’re just overselling their product.

How Double-Glazed Windows Can Benefit You

Sometimes the loud noise of the outdoors is more than just an annoyance. It can affect the way you live and negatively impact your health.

Double-glazed windows can prevent these things from happening.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most important benefits of double-glazed windows.

1. Promotes Better Sleep at Night

Noises that don’t bother you during the day can become a problem when you get in bed. These sounds can disrupt your sleep cycles and lead to a number of problems, including sleep deprivation.

This can leave you feeling constantly tired and put you in a terrible mood. It can also hurt your performance at work.

Since double-glazed windows reduce the noise level inside the home, you can get a better night’s sleep, get out of bed refreshed in the morning, and have a productive day.

2. Lowers Stress Levels

Since unwanted noise from the outdoors can cause sleep deprivation, it can also lead to higher stress levels. Over time, this stress can manifest into emotional and behavioural problems, such as anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, struggles with weight, and more.

Investing in double-glazed windows doesn’t just reduce the amount of sound that makes it inside the home; it also keeps your stress levels low.

3. Improves Physical Health

In some cases, sound can also impact your physical health if it is loud and consistent enough.

Outdoor noise pollution can make it difficult for you to hear what’s going on inside your home, and it can cause permanent hearing loss. On top of that, sound can also lead to other serious medical conditions, including tinnitus, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive impairment.

Reducing the sound from outside ensures you have a healthy living environment.

4. Keeps Your Hearing Sharp

As we mentioned, outdoor noise pollution can damage your hearing. So installing double-glazed windows can help you keep your hearing sharp.

However, double-glazed windows also make it a lot easier to hear conversations with friends or family, watch a movie, make phone calls, etc.

5. Creates a Comfortable Living Environment

When you’re dealing with loud, outdoor noises, it can be hard to live comfortably inside your own home. After all, the sounds can make you lose sleep, make you have trouble at work, and make your health decline.

Double-glazed windows prevent these things.

Because of this, double-glazed windows help create a comfortable, relaxing, and healthy environment.

Invest in Double Glazed, Noise Reduction Windows Today

When you install double-glazed windows, you’re essentially creating your own noise reduction windows. These windows won’t just block annoying sounds, they’ll also help you stay physically and emotionally healthy in your day-to-day life.

Are you interested in upgrading to double-glazed windows? Why not get in touch today! Our experts will be happy to talk.


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