How To Clear The Mist From Double Glazing?

28 July 2022

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Having your windows fog up can be an absolute nightmare. Not only does the mist make it difficult for you to really enjoy the views of the outside, but it can also pose a risk to the structural integrity of your home. Excessive condensation can damage the installation itself with a build-up of water that, if not wiped away and dried properly, can cause a mould infestation that damages your property and reduces your home's value. Furthermore, mould can pose health risks to the house's occupants over time. 

There is no singular best way to clear fog and mist from your double-glazed windows; it is best instead to use a combination approach of multiple methods to clear the mist from double glazing and ensure full coverage and minimise the risk of excessive moisture build-up:

  • Maintaining proper ventilation throughout the home allows the moisture we breathe out to exit our home and allow the fresh dryer air to enter the home.
  • In high humidity areas, keeping that humidity contained in one place allows for easy extraction through fans. Rooms like bathrooms and kitchens are generally considered to be high humidity areas.
  • When drying your clothes after washing, it is generally recommended to do it outside or near an extraction fan to ensure the moisture doesn't populate the air in the home.
  • Keeping the windows open whilst you're cooking allows the steam to filter out of the kitchen instead of spreading throughout the home.
  • Investing in a dehumidifier is an excellent way to ensure absolute control over the moisture levels of the air in your home.

Ensuring proper ventilation:

There are a variety of ways to ensure that you maintain proper airflow throughout your house and a variety of styles of windows that promote this. Our double-glazed tilt and turn windows, for instance, provide homeowners with the absolute most control over the ventilation of their home due to their tilt functionality that can also be modified to swing open fully. The tilt functionality allows the windows to be opened in various weather conditions, including rain, without risking water entry into the home. As the windows tilt inwards, any rain that falls onto them will run down the bottom of the window and the outside wall. We wouldn't recommend keeping them open during a storm, but light to medium rainfall is perfectly fine.

Opening windows on opposite sides of the home and keeping doors open between those windows allows for a steady draught to run through the house. Whilst keeping one window open alone does help with fresh air flow, without a current running through the house, the movement of air is not promoted, resulting in slower filtering out of the moisture. By keeping windows and doors open throughout the home, air currents circulate fresh air, keeping the rooms cool and, more importantly, dry.

Keeping high humidity rooms isolated:

Rooms that produce a lot of humidity in the home are bad for keeping excessive moisture down and the fog off of our windows. Bathrooms and kitchens tend to be the worst culprits due to their tendency to build up excessive amounts of steam when we're showering or boiling some potatoes. Without a reliable way to remove this steam from the home, it will condense on the windows and their frames, making them misty and threatening the build-up of moisture and condensation. 

The best thing to do in this situation is to have a window cracked or open before the steam starts to build up, so you're keeping it at a low level throughout the process, ensuring that you can shut the window after you have finished. If you only open the window after the process starts, condensation will already begin to build up on your windows and walls. By starting the airflow before the steam build-up, you'll be able to circumvent the issues that come with excessive moisture in the air.

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