The Latest Trends in Australian Home Design

24 March 2023

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How to Modernize Your Home

Are you one for following home improvement TV shows and keeping up with the latest trends, or do you prefer to lead the way with something unique and set your own? 

Whether you’re looking to follow or defy the trends, it’s interesting to be aware of them. In this guide, we’ve put together a summary of the most popular home improvement and interior design trends across the country in 2022, and our team has taken a look forward to see what is set to become even more desirable for homes like yours in 2023. 

For more information about the most popular home improvements in your area and to get expert advice and tailored recommendations for your home, talk to the Ecovue team today. 

2022 Interior Design Trends 

Following a tumultuous couple of years with Covid lockdowns and protocols, 2022 was very much the year of breaking free – of socialising with friends and doing what you’ve been waiting for. As such, a number of home improvement trends reflected this, with aspirational, enjoyment-focused developments becoming more popular. 

This is demonstrated by the rise in interior activity spaces, with homeowners choosing to invest in a dedicated place to relax and unwind. A home bar saw the most significant increase year on year, with a 78% rise in interest and searches. After this, all of the following saw an increase of more than 40% – media rooms, libraries, rumpus rooms and studios. 

Did you opt for any of these? It’s clear to see how these developments are focused on immediate enjoyment and interactions. All of these are spaces people can enjoy either alone or with friends – particularly the latter since this wasn’t possible for so long in recent years. Now, restrictions are lifted, possibilities are limitless, and design trends are changing. 

interior design trends 2022

Additional Design Trends 

The rooms mentioned above are all pretty understandable. Most of us wouldn’t say no to a media room like a home cinema or our very own bar to relax with friends after a long day. But there are some more ‘out there’ investments that people looked for in 2022. 

On the more luxurious end of the scale, there was a significant rise in searches for swimming pool related terms. Interest in pool houses skyrocketed by over 107% and swimming pools went up by over 60%.

On a smaller scale, interest in bathroom mirrors climbed up by 151% – so it’s not just larger purchases, but smaller ones too. And for baths themselves, searches went up by around 100%. Perhaps in Covid lockdowns, people got tired of showers and wanted something a little more luxurious. 

For more day to day uses, searches for a butler’s pantry soared by more than 300% and both built-in and walk-in wardrobes increased by 77% and 58% specifically. Perhaps people’s enforced saving habits during the Covid lockdowns has meant increased spending habits recently – leading to more clothes than we have space for! 

interior design trends 2023

2023 Interior Design Trends

So what are the trends looking like for 2023? Watara Homes has assembled a list of the top 10 most hotly anticipated home improvement ideas for this year and beyond, giving some inspiration and ideas for how to get the most out of your property. 

Colour-wise, natural and brownish tones seem to be in fashion. This is all part of an increasingly popular idea of bringing the outside world in, and couples nicely with their suggestions of nature-inspired designs. If you’re looking for something similar from your home improvements, our bifold and sliding doors are a great way to connect your space with the outside world, allowing plenty of natural light – and they can be chosen in natural, neutral colours to complete the look. 

Other ideas include traditional design details as homeowners look to get a little more in touch with their roots. If you’re looking for classic styles with a modern twist, then our uPVC windows and composite doors are excellent choices – evoking a traditional feel while offering modern performance when it comes to energy efficiency and security. There’s no need to compromise if you want a classic look. You can get this in conjunction with cutting edge performance. 

One more trend that continues to be popular is the home office. While many people worked from home out of necessity a few years ago, some companies and workers are keeping this as the new normal and won’t go back to how it was. If you’re creating a home office, why not design an inspirational space that evokes creativity and allows you to achieve your full potential. 

Keep Your Home On-Trend With Ecovue

Whether you’re looking to keep up with the latest home improvement design trends or do your own thing, make sure your home stays looking its best with Ecovue. Get in touch with us today!

Our state of the art double glazed windows and doors will keep your home energy efficient, secure and stylish. Use our online quoting engine to get a free, instant quote right away. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


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