8 Key Benefits Of Adding A Fly Screen To Your Windows

7 September 2018

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What if a single addition to your home could make it safer and more comfortable than ever before?

Many people think a fly screen is only useful for keeping out insects. However, there are more benefits to these screens than you can shake a fly swatter at!

Wondering exactly what those benefits are? Just keep reading to discover the answer!

1. Extra Security

Sure, fly screens are a great way of keeping flies out of your home. But did you know they help to keep out much larger intruders as well?

You can purchase specialized versions of the traditional fly screen that help bolster home security. They primarily do this by combining a sturdy frame with extra tough netting.

It may not sound like much, but the bulk of good home security comes down to deterrence. If you can make your home harder to break into, then you are less likely to get robbed. And fly screens can help make that happen. However, home security is only one of many benefits to getting a fly screen.

2. Improved Health

When we think about keeping flies out of the house, we mostly think about what an annoyance they are. But it’s important to understand that flies also pose a significant health risk to you and your family.

It all comes down to where flies spend their time. Given a chance, flies hang out in nasty places like drains and dumps. And then they come into your home and spread a variety of nasty diseases.

Those “harmless” flies you see everyday may be carrying diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, and typhoid fever. And since prevention is always the easiest cure, fly screens provide an easy way to improve the health of your household.

3. Protecting the Children

Parents typically share a single obsession: protecting their children at all costs. And fly screens provide an unexpected way to extend protection to our most vulnerable loved ones. We’ve already covered how fly screens can help protect your children from an assortment of scary diseases. But on a basic level, these screens can also help to protect children from escaping your home.

Young children are always at risk of opening your front door and leaving your house. From there, anything could happen while your back is turned.

Specialized fly screens can help to childproof your doors and keep children safer. And all while protecting the household from pests.

4. Added Privacy

Do you know who can sometimes make us feel like prisoners in our own homes? Our Neighbours!

You may want to keep your door open to enjoy the sunlight or fresh air (more on that in a moment). But doing so means letting all your nosy neighbours peek directly into your house. A fly screen is a great compromise when it comes to this problem. The mesh of the screen helps provide the kind of privacy you want without keeping you from enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home.

5. A Fly Screen Is More Energy Efficient

Of course, there is more to worry about with open doors than nosy Neighbours. You must also worry about the energy efficiency of your own home.

While the door is open, you are letting direct sunlight into your home. This warms up the interior and means that you end up spending extra money each month to control the temperature.

Fly screens, however, help reduce the amount of pure sunlight that gets into your home. Less light equals less heat, and a screen is like a simpler solar panel for your door.

All this adds up to a lower utility bill at the end of the month!

6. Surprising Style

Quick: picture a fly screen in your mind. Chances are that the only thing you can think of are those same black mesh designs that your parents and grandparents used.

However, fly screen design has come a long way in recent years. And these screens now serve as a surprising way to add some style to your home’s exterior.

It all comes down to your existing style and taste. Do you want a more natural look? Wood design screens are available. If you want a more gothic look, wrought iron designs are available.

You can even get aluminium designs to coordinate with your aluminium siding. In this way, fly screens can boost your curb appeal and may help to raise your home value.

7. Cleaner Air

We like to talk about how special it is to get some “fresh air.” But that tells you something important: most of us aren’t getting enough fresh air in our daily lives.

This is especially true when we’re in our homes. If we open our doors to let fresh air in, we’re also letting in the pests, pollen, and particles of dirt from the outside.

This is where a fly screen comes in. Such a screen provides the barrier to keep unwanted things out of your home. At the same time, it allows clean air to blow directly into your house.

The end result is a home with better ventilation and cleaner air. And that helps us all to breathe easier.

8. Natural Light

Earlier, we talked about how fly screens can help control the amount of light (and therefore heat) that enter your home. But the amount of light that comes in is “just right.”

For example, you’ll have enough light to see everything in your living room if the door is nearby. And that means you can stop relying on interior lights so much, which translates to further utility savings.

Natural light also makes your home look more natural and vibrant. If you want to really give visitors an awesome first impression, this is the purchase you’ve been looking for!

Shoo, Fly, Don’t Bother Me!

Now you know about the many benefits of getting a fly screen. But do you know where to get the screens you need?

We offer an amazing selection of fly screens, and we’re happy to help install them. To see how we can help to transform your home, come request a quote today! Alternatively, contact us for a free quote today!


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