5 Ways Blinds Between Glass Will Enhance Your Home

15 January 2023

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At Ecovue, we install Blinds Between Glass in homes across New South Wales. This installation will help enhance the natural light in your home, saving money on heating bills. Furthermore, they retain the attractive quality of Venetian blinds without maintenance issues. A BBG will keep excessive heat out of your home by sitting in the glass pane. They give an exceptional level of comfort that makes every homeowner feel relaxed.  

However, you might wonder what other benefits the blinds offer. This article will give five reasons why you should choose a BBG for your property. If you want to find out more, speak to our friendly team, who will be able to help you.  

Easy to Clean and Low Maintenance

Our Blinds Between Glass will give your home a beautiful and aesthetic look. They are extremely low maintenance. This eliminates the need to clean them often. It is especially useful if you have a home with pets because the blinds will get dirty easily. A clean blind means unobstructed views of your garden.

They have an advantage over regular blinds as they need more maintenance. These blinds come in an airtight seal which protects the blind as it sits between the glass.

double glazed and blind between glass

The blinds include advanced double glazing as standard. They are easy to clean because all you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth, and they will look in pristine condition.

Better Control of Light and Heat

Another advantage of choosing Blinds Between Glass is that they give you better light and heat control. your home will become warmer for many years to come. At Ecovue, we offer our blinds in Partial and Fully Shaded. A Fully Shaded blind will shield you from the sun's glare, while a Partially Shaded blind will bring some light into your property.

These blinds are a good option for bedrooms or offices as homeowners can control how much light enters their homes. What’s more, the reduced glare protects furniture from fading. Combined with our advanced double glazing, the warmth of your home will help save money on rising heating and energy bills.

Control the light of your blind by tilting it sidewards, letting in as much or as little as you want.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

We all like our privacy from time to time. When you choose a BBG, you will experience a heightened level of privacy in your home. This will boost your security as when they are closed, intruders won’t be able to peek through your home.  

Our BBG’s are designed with safety and useability in mind. That’s why magnets are used to replace older pulley systems.

Easy to Install

When you choose a sealed unit with a blind inside, they are effortless to install. They are suited for a variety of frames, including aluminium and uPVC. This gives the user plenty of options. The blinds are rigorously tested, resulting in a hassle free installation.

Blinds between glass

Our friendly team pride itself on outstanding customer service and treat your home with courtesy. When you choose us, you will choose a company with unbeatable lead times, installing your blinds quickly and easily.

Hygienic and Child Friendly

If you are a growing family with children, feel confident that the blinds are child friendly. One disadvantage of traditional blinds is that children can easily pull the cords and cause damage. However, because integrated blinds are firmly placed inside the double glazed unit, they are safer and easy to manage.   

These blinds are used in hospitals as they don’t need regular cleaning. This keeps them free of bacteria and germs, helping them look pristine.


If you are considering installing Blinds Between Glass, we hope you found this article helpful. These blinds are a useful addition as they keep your property warm. The option of partial or fully glazed blinds allows you to choose how much light you want to control.

Our friendly team are on hand to help you every step of the way. Get in touch with us by using our online contact form or phone at 1 300 326 883. We are experts on Blinds Between Glass, so we will answer any questions you have.


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