uPVC double glazed windows


Did you know that uPVC double glazed windows and uPVC double glazed doors only cost around 10% more than your standard aluminium windows and doors?

Double glazing will keep the temperature inside your home around 22-24 degrees all year round with NO heating or NO cooling costs.  This can save save you between $300 – $500 each electricity bill. Read how our double glazed products are saving our customers money or call us on 1300 326 883.

Double glazed windows are becoming very popular from Sydney to Perth due to their superior insulation properties and the great range of styles and colours they are available in. Our uPVC window and door frames have a 25 year warranty. This can only be offered because our product is superior.

Types of uPVC Double Glazed Windows

Ecovue sells windows and doors from the North American and European Range at cost competitive prices. We can arrange for the installation of your new windows. Call us on 1300 326 883 for a free quote or to find out more about our product.

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Our Product
Our double glazed products are constructed from a Canadian-designed profile using high quality non-corrosive uPVC, German Roto hardware and usec double glazed glass.

Our uPVC frames are treated with a unique anti-UV formula to ensure its durability and ability to withstand the harsh Australian sun. Our thermally efficient double glazed doors are perfect for those looking for comfort and no compromise in terms of unobstructed views.