Bi-fold Doors

Double glazed bi-fold doors are a great solution when there is a limited amount of space in a home or building. Ecovue can provide homes from Sydney to Perth with innovative bi-fold door solutions that are the centerpiece of our hinged door range.

Our internal bi-fold doors are available in 3 to 7 panel configurations and can be used in openings up to 5.8m wide. Our uPVC frames come with a 25 year warranty.

These double glazed doors have dual seals and multi-locking hardware that provides an airtight seal. This provides the best possible protection against the weather and elements and provides superior noise insulation. Bi-fold doors are perfect for keeping the winter warmth inside and the hot air outside.

Ecovue double glazed bi-fold doors are a great way of seamlessly linking internal and external spaces. Our modern designs and great range of colours will complement your building style.

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The maximum size for each bi-fold door panels is 900mm wide x 2400mm high and we can tailor make them for you according to your individual requirements within this measurement.

Wide Range of Options

As one of the leading specialist suppliers of uPVC double glazed bi-fold doors we have a wide range of options available. You can view some of these on our product video.

You can choose our bi-fold doors to enhance the look and living space in your home as they provide the ultimate flexibility in providing ventilation and maximising your indoor/outdoor space.

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5cl/15/5cl 2.40 0.40
5le/15a/5cl 1.88 0.35

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When shut, our bi-fold doors allow natural light to stream into your home while providing good accessibility via a single operating door. When all the bi fold doors are open and folded away, you will get maximum ventilation and can transform your indoor and outdoor space into a single large area that is perfect for entertaining family and friends. Bi-fold doors are the perfect window for any home wanting to connect indoor and outdoor space with a modern look.

You can always depend on Ecovue to provide with the best available bi-fold doors in Perth and Sydney at prices that are extremely competitive. Call us today to find out more about our bi-fold doors prices and how we can help you improve the look of your home.


SLIDING RANGE (as standard)
>> 5mm toughened clear glass
>> 12mm air gap
>> 5mm toughened clear glass
ALL OTHERS (as standard)
>> 5mm toughened clear glass
>> 15mm air gap
>> 5mm toughened clear glass

>> 10.76mm toughened laminated clear glass
>> 16mm air gap
>> 6mm toughened clear glass
Low E is a coat applied to the inside pane which reflects 75% of solar radiant heat and UV rays.
Argon Gas is available to further improve the thermal efficiency rating.